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Serve as the central procurement arm

(GPO), for hospitals and government medical centers and other institutions in Israel, public health services, health bureaus, the emergency department of the Ministry of Health and other bodies.

Israel is a leading company in its field, providing under one roof, an extensive basket of medicines, vaccines, medical equipment and instruments, laboratory equipment and complementary services to the health system. The company is owned by the “Association of Public Hospitals for the Public”, which operates for non-profit and only for public purposes.

The company employs about 145 skilled, experienced and multidisciplinary employees.

Activities with state institutions include, but are not limited to:

Equipping and emergency refresh
Public health – vaccines and vaccines
National projects – Israel plans and operates national projects in the field of health, at the request of the Ministry of Health and in full coordination with it, from defining the project content, through collecting and studying regulatory and clinical requirements, to practical implementation and implementation: refreshing emergency supplies and equipment Imports of corneas from humane harvest, swine flu, operation of polio vaccines, characterisation of needs and equipment for protection against Ebola, emergency equipment in time of war, concentration of activities of the professional committees of the Ministry of Health over the years, assistance to medical rescue missions abroad, and more.

Israel capabilities

and accumulated experience in managing medical projects, make it possible to handle innovative projects, even those not carried out in Israel, in collaboration with first-rate professional opinion leaders as required, and without any conflicts of interest, but only for the benefit of the public system.

The extensive experience in the unique

needs of medical buildings, such as emergency rooms, dialysis, women and midwives, operating rooms, etc., combined with many years of knowledge accumulated over many years of work in Israel and abroad – in procurement, logistics and medical needs, allows Israel to provide a full project basket Which includes all the components required for successful execution and operation.

The company meets regulatory requirements and international quality standards, and has approvals from the Ministry of Health such as:
Importer / manufacturer approval for medical preparations, GMP approval and GDP approval, from regulatory bodies such as: ISO 9001 approval.

Israel in emergencies

As part of Israel’s agreement with the Ministry of Health, the company refreshes the Ministry of Health’s emergency department inventory, and conducts the tenders for it in combination with professional advice and guidance. The company supplies the equipment for emergencies directly to the hospitals. Israel is approved as a “salt factory” (emergency farm), and its warehouses are available 24 hours a day during emergencies and wars, to provide a complete response to the needs of the health system with urgent supplies of medicines and medical equipment.


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